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Subject: Welsh Names
Author: sarahlilli   (Authenticated as sarahlilli)
Date: March 22, 2009 at 9:51:19 PM
Hi all,

My DH and I are collecting our list of names we like for baby #2... Seeing as I am of Welsh heritage I really wanted a nice strong welsh name for a little girl. I discovered a castle in Wales called Emlyn, and decided I liked that and it would make a pretty "girls" name. My Mum has decided that due to the fact that it's actually a BOYS name (which I had no idea of) that I shouldn't use it for a girl. I think it is a tad to girlish sounding to use for a boy (particularly in Australia)... SO I REALLY want to know if anyone has ever heard of this being used for a girl before? or is it strictly a boys name?

p.s. any nice welsh girls names would be gratefully recieved! :)


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