GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Welsh
Meaning & History
Probably from the name of an ancient region in Wales, its name meaning "around the valley". It has also been suggested that this name is a Welsh form of Aemilianus (see EMILIANO).
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Aemilius, Aemilianus (Ancient Roman), Emil (Bulgarian), Emil (Croatian), Emil (Czech), Emil (Danish), Emil (English), Eemeli, Eemil (Finnish), Émile, Émilien (French), Emil (German), Emil (Hungarian), Emilio, Emiliano (Italian), Emilis (Lithuanian), Emil (Macedonian), Emil (Norwegian), Emil (Polish), Emilio (Portuguese), Emil, Emilian (Romanian), Yemelyan (Russian), Emil (Serbian), Emil (Slovene), Emilio, Emiliano (Spanish), Emil (Swedish)