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Subject: Re: Romansch/Swiss Names
Author: Shaymin   (Authenticated as Shaymin)
Date: August 27, 2009 at 8:45:21 AM
Reply to: Re: Romansch/Swiss Names by Rene
I realize that now, I only brought that up because I had confused some traditional Swiss names like Flurina, Seraina etc as trendy spellings. I was not saying that Swiss parents use trendy spellings in general.

Actually, the French seem to have their own trendy spellings: a la Luna/Louna. Trendy spellings are not just relegated to the US. I have even seen it occur in Germany too, Finn and Fynn for example. I have seen several other French names spelled funny ways in the French BAs, all of which have slipped my mind. Sweden and Norway I can think of a few: Thindra and Tindra. Thindra is definitely a trendy spelling because the name Tindra is derived from a Swedish verb meaning "to twinkle" so adding an unnecessary H to a word name is unneeded to begin with. But that is a completely different subject.

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