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Subject: Re: Gaelle as German name
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest,
Date: December 17, 2009 at 1:36:51 AM
Reply to: Gaelle as German name by volz
I have never heard of this name - but it seems to exist. Wilfried Seibicke (1) lists these names:

GAILE (m./f.) short form of names containing the element GAIL. Variants: GALE / GALEKE / GAELE / GALO / GALKE / GALLEKE / GÄLEKE

(Name element GAIL) Germanic *gail-, Goth. gails, Anglosaxon gâl, Old High German geil, “voluptious, hilarious, boisterous, lecherous”

(1) Wilfried Seibicke: Deutsches Historisches Vornamenbuch, Berlin 1996-2006

Considering the fact that only few Americans are able to reproduce Germans sounds like EH or ÄH like in "Besen" (broom) or "Nähe" (proximity) without saying "Bayzen" and "Naya", I would say: Yes, this is the name you are looking for.

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