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Subject: I give you the Scrooge Response ...
Author: Anneza   (guest)
Date: May 26, 2004 at 6:28:00 PM
Reply to: Re: Devon? Did I read that right... you're pregnant?! nt by Devonelisa
... "Christmas? Humbug!" At least where names are concerned. I feel so sorry for all the little Natalies and Hollys - however, I've got a step-great-niece (I think - branches of the family tree get rather tangled) named Holly who was born in the South African autumn and is delightful, but still.

And there was an English judge, in the fifties I think, whose name was Christmas Humphries; he was a Buddhist, and I've always wondered if it was cause and effect.

Annuska is the only one of your three choices that puzzles me - I'm used to other variants like Annoushka, but that one's a first. Where did it originate? (Glad to see other people giving their offspring 3 names! I did, with great success, but most don't seem to enjoy the idea.)

Good luck!

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