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Subject: Re: Shosh, Tor, Arnida, Geva
Author: JHK   (Authenticated as JHK)
Date: March 31, 2010 at 12:19:59 AM
Reply to: Shosh, Tor, Arnida, Geva by Swiff
If Shosh is feminine I'd assume it to be a nickname for Shoshana or Shoshannah.

Geva (f) in European nobility could be a diminutive of the names Ginevra or Genoveva. However in your link it says "Genna (Geva) Princess of Italy)" which a user suggests is an alternative spelling of Jenna. I think Jenna is a little too modern to have been used by Italian aristocrats in the past, so my theory would be that Genna is related to Gianna, a classic Italian name.

Geva (m) could be related to Gervas, I'm just guessing here though.

The name Tor is in the database, however it's catagorized as Scandinavian in usage and of Germanic origin (spelt Thor). So maybe there's a Jewish name Tor with a different meaning but I don't know. Fun fact: Tor is the German word for gate / portal or a very old and rarely used word for a foolish person.


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