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PronouncedPron.THOR English
TOR Danish
TOOR SwedishNorwegian

Meaning & History

From the Old Norse Þórr meaning "thunder", ultimately from the early Germanic *Þunraz. Thor was the Norse god of strength, thunder, war and storms, the son of Odin. He was armed with a hammer called Mjolnir, and wore an enchanted belt that doubled his strength.
VariantsÞórr Norse Mythology Tor Danish Tor Swedish Tor Norwegian
Feminine FormsThora, Tora Danish Thora, Tora Swedish Thora, Tora Norwegian
Other Languages & CulturesÞór Icelandic
Same SpellingÞór
User SubmissionThór


Thor's Battle with the Ettins by Mårten Eskil Winge (1872)Thor's Battle with the Ettins by Mårten Eskil Winge (1872)


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