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Subject: Re: Shanleigh
Author: Speranza   (Authenticated as Speranza)
Date: April 18, 2010 at 4:21:17 AM
Reply to: Shanleigh by SilverDragon
Sian is Welsh not English.

Séan(pronounced Shan) is the Irish for old and it is also used for wise as well. Hence Shannon and Senan/Séanan. The chief meaning could have been extrapolated from the old and wise meaning - ie an elder.

There is an Irish name surname Shanley. I found this which states it comes from Séan +laoch(hero) which seems plausible.

But I also found this /surname.aspx?name=Shanley which argues for an English meaning. It is not unusual for a surname in Ireland to have both an English/Scottish/Welsh and Irish origin.

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