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Subject: Re: Say What?
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest)
Date: April 4, 2001 at 8:06:12 AM
Reply to: Re: Okay,people. by Sarahjeanne
Ok I am lost! I agree with Sarahjeanne on this one! I come here every day to read and post messages and have fun! I dont know that much about names but I have kind of became a regular also! I didnt expect to when I first came here. But I noticed that alot of people kept coming back here and that no one was really rude to eachother. I liked coming here and being taken in by all of you. It is like having good friends you just dont know they really are! I know I am probably one of the younger people on this board. But it doesnt matter everyone is equal and we all have fun. I went to another board on a different web site and there where bitchy people on there and it the board got discontuined cause of it. I dont want that to happen to this one cause some people want to come and ruin it for everyone else! And sarahjeanne reading that post also made me sick. WE dont have problems, just cause we come up with new names for eachother doesnt mean we are mentally ill or something. IT IS CALLED HAVING FUN!!!!! I give a big HUG out to all the regulars(and anyone else who wants one, LOL)!!!

Gia Nadine

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