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Subject: troll
Author: blue_belle   (Authenticated as blue_belle)
Date: June 2, 2011 at 3:07:32 AM
Reply to: Macedonian Names? Slavic name would be more accurate. by steamio
1. Hateful, malicious or harassing messages and spam are not allowed. New users that start inflamatory topics will be regarded as trolls.

This is a name website, no one cares about your racist views. If you have a legitimate question about a name, then post it. Otherwise, spam and spread your vicious hate elsewhere.

Before posting you may want to actually click on the Macedonian page - where it clearly says that these names are in use in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, it says this right at the top . . . . oh, and they are listed as Slavic tooo. This sight is not 'misleading' or 'false' in regards to this.

Mummy to Clemence

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