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Subject: Re: Female-to-male names
Author: Phoebe   (Authenticated as Kate)
Date: August 25, 2011 at 10:41:54 PM
Reply to: Female-to-male names by Adenydd
I made this list a few months ago. It's all the possibly female-to-male names I could find in the database.

ETA: I think I misunderstood your question. These are masculinized versions of female names. I don't think that's what you were looking for...

Agapios (Agape)
Agathon (Agatha)
Aimé (Aimée)
Amis (Amice)
Annunziato (Annunziata)
Bahij (Bahija)
Beatus (Beata)
Candelario (Candelaria)
Carmelo (Carmel)
Carmine (Carmen)
Cătălin (Cătălina)
Concetto (Concetta)
Cvetko (Cvetka)
Désiré (Désirée)
Dzvezdan (Dzvezda)
Euphemios (Euphemia)
Hypatos (Hypatia)
Ingo (Inge)
Isaurus (Isaura)
Jasmin (Jasmine)
Kleopatros (Cleopatra)
Leocadio / Leocadius (Leocadia)
Ljudmil (Ljudmila)
Lyudmil (Lyudmila)
Maj (Maja)
Natale / Natalio / Natalius (Natalia)
Nedelcho (Nedelya)
Neven (Nevena)
Paraskevas (Paraskeve)
Sanel (Sanela)
Sanjin (Sanja)
Zenobios (Zenobia)
Zoran (Zora)

My PNL is now rateable! (Top 25 for each gender):
Top rated: Henry; Bottom rated: Gerald

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