Subject: Oh, Elaine, Elaine, you never learn...
Author: Nanaea   (Authenticated as Nanaea)
Date: April 9, 2001 at 3:45:52 AM
Reply to: Re: Let's take the "WHAT IS ELAINE'S PROBLEM?" Quiz! by Elaine
As a courtesy to Mike C., and because we all have far more interesting things to discuss on this message board rather than Elaine the Persecuted, I'm not going to take you out the way I would the typical, obnoxious, clueless, self-absorbed, obsessive crazyass who's got her head jammed so far up her heinie that she doesn't even realize that EVERYONE on this message board is LAUGHING at her. Well... maybe I won't. It all depends on how insistent you are in continuing in your stupidity.

GET A CLUE, ELAINE. Nobody gives a *crap* about your name! Your name isn't the freakin' issue here. It's your ATTITUDE, baby. It's the way you address people you don't even know by insulting them and calling them "crackheads". Quite frankly, your attitude sucks. No wonder you've always had such a tough time in life. It ain't gonna get better, baby -- not unless you undergo a little attitude adjustment.

Mike C. very wisely last night deleted your response to me suggesting that my mother should have had an abortion, and that I need to be shot in the head. Not cool, Elaine. Especially since you don't know anything about me, what kind of person I am, or what I am capable of doing. However, you are welcome to ask anyone on this board about me, and maybe they might clue you in. ;)

-- Nanaea

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