Subject: Re: Oh, Elaine, Elaine, you never learn...
Author: Elaine   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2001 at 5:54:18 AM
Reply to: Oh, Elaine, Elaine, you never learn... by Nanaea
Here is a suggestion for you. If you don't want to be called stupid, crackhead, poster child for abortion, etc., then you should stop acting like everything I just mentioned. Quit giving your children stupid fake "names" like six which is actually a number. Think about how the children who are stuck with that garbage are going to feel when they go out into the real world and get bullied because of what their stupid parents did to them. Then I won't be tempted to call you all of these names that you don't like. You should be severely rebuked if you are abusive to a helpless child in this way. The Department Of Family And Children Services should take the child away from you and put him or her in a foster home and give the child a normal name. Any so-called "parent" that would give their child an insane, stupid "name" like six should also be charged with child abuse and be put in a mental hospital.
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