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Subject: Need to remember...
Author: Merrimanda   (guest)
Date: August 24, 2004 at 3:18:46 AM
Reply to: origin of Amanda by Narinoc
That names like Admiranda and Amanda were very rare indeed. Also that they would only really have been known to the people who used them, unlike common names like Elizabeth. They were not part of a general stock of names (sort of like the difference between, say, 'Emma' and 'Calico' today - one is common and part of the popular name stock, the other is rare and would surprise people).

The Amanda in the record is probably a girl bearing either the male French name Amand (women often bore male names such as Philip and Eustace), or a female form of Amand (probably Amande - Amanda is most likely the Latinisation of the name).

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