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Subject: please help a few names
Author: Kylie   (Authenticated as Kylie1)
Date: June 9, 2006 at 8:09:15 AM
Hey all
My sister in law is having a baby as some of you know from an earlier post. Well her husband will not allow her to call the baby Aslan, so she has come up with other names she has heard but isnt sure of meanings. Can anyone help.

Naikara - she say it on a movie called "Attila the hun", but it was spelt N'Kara.
Maharleah - It was on some British soap show
Zamora - Surname of someone out of a western movie "bad girls"
Breeanna - no clue
Isabeau - from the movie "Lady hawke"
Jazara - The name of a little girl my husband and my self sponsor from Zimbabwe
Denahi - from the movie "brother bear"
Jacobie - The name of the brother of the little girl we sponsor from Zimbabwe

Cheers Kylie

We have had our 1st child. Our little angel, Malakai-Rose Brenton 21st May 2006

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