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Subject: Name Variations
Author: RachelChristine   (Authenticated as RachelChristine)
Date: August 27, 2004 at 2:20:15 PM
Do you guys think I'll get lots of responses if I ask about where different names come from, or is this something you all know. For example, take a name like Sarah/Sara. I know it comes from the Hebrew "princess", but where do these two spellings themselves come from? Which is older if one is from the other? I'm gonna guess that the original Hebrew name WASN'T Sarah, especially since they use a different alphabet .

I now this site gives "usage", but that isn't necessarily the same thing as derivation, though it probably is in many cases. And Sarah is just my example. There are lots of names I wonder about, but I don't know if the questions are even worth asking, because a lot of it might be "shrouded in the mists of time", as they say.

SÁRA Usage: Hungarian
SARA Usage: Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Scandinavian
SARAH Usage: English, French, German, Jewish, Biblical

When I talk to my husband tonight he is gonna roll his eyes at me. Yesterday I was talking about becoming a Creative Memories consultant, and tonight it will be about writing a book. Hee hee -- poor guy.

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