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Gender Feminine
Scripts Ρεβεκκα(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced Pron. reh-BEH-ka(German)
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Meaning & History

Cognate of REBECCA. It is also the form used in the Greek Old Testament.
Other Languages & CulturesRebecca, Rebekah(Biblical) Rivqah(Biblical Hebrew) Rebecca(Biblical Latin) Rebecca, Rebekah, Becca, Becci, Becka, Beckah, Becky, Bekki, Reba, Rebeccah, Rebeckah(English) Rébecca(French) Rivka, Riva(Hebrew) Rebeka(Hungarian) Rebecca(Italian) Rebeca(Portuguese) Rebeca(Spanish) Rebecca, Rebecka(Swedish) Rifka(Yiddish)


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