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Given Name REBECA
GENDER: Feminine
PRONOUNCED: re-BE-kah (Spanish)   [key]
Meaning & History
Spanish and Portuguese form of REBECCA.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Rebecca, Rebekah (Biblical), Rebekka (Biblical Greek), Rivqah (Biblical Hebrew), Rebecca (Biblical Latin), Rebekka (Danish), Rebekka (Dutch), Rebecca, Rebekah, Becca, Becci, Becka, Beckah, Becky, Bekki, Reba, Rebeccah, Rebeckah (English), Rebekka (Faroese), Rebekka (Finnish), Rébecca (French), Rebekka (German), Rivka, Riva (Hebrew), Rebeka (Hungarian), Rebekka (Icelandic), Rebecca (Italian), Rebekka (Norwegian), Rebecca, Rebecka (Swedish), Rifka (Yiddish)
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Mexico  ranked #64 
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Romania  ranked #27 
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