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Subject: Well, I get around plenty *LOL*
Author: Lillian   (Authenticated as LillianAMS)
Date: June 30, 2006 at 7:14:25 PM
Reply to: Re: Pronunciation both in the US and globally by Cleveland Kent Evans
but was born in New Orleans, raised here from the age of 4, most of my family's here, but I have kin all over the South, as well as Mexico (second and third cousins on my mom's side) -- so most of my travels are down here. My daddy's people are from Wisconsin, though, and they say LOYer (haven't asked them about Sawyer, but one is likely to be just as the other, I'd guess). Like I said, my girlfriend who says SAWyer is from a small Texas town too, and in most other ways our accents are quite similar.

And the fact is I can turn my accent on and off, or at least dial up or down the intensity. I might fool you if we spoke by phone instead of typing. :)

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