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Subject: Re: Name genders
Author: Bill   (guest)
Date: September 1, 2004 at 1:55:37 PM
Reply to: Re: Name genders by Domhnall
My aunt's name was Florence. She was born in County Roscommon. She was addressed as Florry by everybody that knew her. The reference book I have lists Florence as an English name, derived from latin. It means flourishing or blooming. Florry is listed as a separate name,also English derived from the latin word flora meaning,flower. Both names are listed as unusual for men.
The name Tracie or Tracy may have been derived from.the names of two islands, Teresa, and Therasia(Theresia). or Theros.(summer. An alternate spelling is Treacy like Sean Treacy.. I have no meaning listed for the name although warlike people occupied both those islands.
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