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Subject: Re: more names that i like...
Author: Gia Nadine   (guest)
Date: May 16, 2001 at 3:52:32 PM
Reply to: Re: more names that i like... by Judith
Belle : like it but i agree middle name
Bonnie : cute reminds me of Gone with the Wind or Bonnie and Clyde
Carmen : ummm no
Isabel : Isabelle (but i am partial)
Fawn : a deer that is what I think.
Shannon : cute my little "sis" name.
Judy : wizard of OZ.
Genevieve : love it.
Colleen : ummm noooo.
Paige : like it.
Brooke : ok, kind of over used.
Abigail : likes.
Morgan : i wouldnt use it but it is ok.
Sydney : ok.
Olivia : naH.
Allison : cute but no.
Victoria : love.
Anna : no to trendy use middle if at all.
Sarah : no.
Alexis : no but is cute.
Jessica : no.
Taylor : No.
Hannah : love it.
Madison : no.
Amanda : ok
Lauren : no old.
Courtney : cute but .....
Amber : like.
Megan : ok.
Rachael : like but agree spell it Rachel .
Alyssa : like.
Danielle : ok, Ever After.
Jasmine : no make sure the "e" is on it, otherwise it looks horrible.
Kayla : ok .
Angela : no do agree angelina is nicer or even angeline.
Andrea : agree dislike met gross and nasty andreas .
Erica : like.
Maria : cute hubby's old neighbor girl has that name she is cute
Katie : cute but use alone dont change into any kind of katherine gross name
Alicia : ok.
Jenna : dont like met a bitchy Jenna .
Lindsey : ok.
Ryan : love but I again am partial.. husbands name.
Michael : nice name never will get overused
Austin : ok
James : ok, to old.
Harry : Boring<~~~~ agree
Alexander : I like the nickname Lex.
Brian : like it spelled Bryan , but that way is cool to
Ron : no!
Kevin : nice
Alan : ok
Chris : I love it but use Christopher
Adam : nice
Andrew : i like it,
Charles : no to old
Sven : no.
Matthew : like it, had a bf named Matt .
Noah : ok, .
Patrick : ok.
Hunter :ok, not to bad
Lewis : no, dont
Cody : ok.
Richard : dislike.
Logan : love actually one of my considerations
Kyle : ok
Tom : ok
Jeffrey : ok.
Mark : OK
Jason : no my step brother has that name and he is mean to me.
Travis : ok
Steven/Stephen: like it use Steven
Jeremy : OK
Paul : like it, my sons middle name
Brad : no
Tyler : ok
Ben : no
Anthony : ok
Zachary : OK
Christian : OK
Eric : my newphews name i like it
Sam : NO
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