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Subject: Re: Nickname "Tul" or "Tol"
Author: Professor   (guest,
Date: August 2, 2006 at 9:26:48 PM
Reply to: Nickname "Tul" or "Tol" by Frances
Here are some possibilites:
Tulio (Latin - Lively.)
Tulio (Spanish - Lively.)
Tulley (Gaelic - Peaceful.)
Tullius (Latin - Name of a king.)
Tullus (Shakespearean - 'The Tragedy of Coriolanus.' Tullus Aufidius, General of the Volscians.)
Tully (Gaelic - Peaceful.)
Tully (Irish - Peaceful. Surname.)
Tola (Biblical - Worm, grub, scarlet.)
Tolad (Biblical - A generation.)
Tolad (Biblical - A generation.)
Tolan (Anglo-Saxon - From the taxed land.)
Toland (Anglo-Saxon - From the taxed land.)
Toland (English - Owns taxed land.)
Tolek (Polish - Gift of God.)
Tolenka (Russian - From the east.)
Toli (Spanish - Ploughman.)
Tolland (English - Owns taxed land.)
Tolly (Hebrew - Diminutive of Bartholomew: Ploughman. Son of Talmai (Talmai is a variant of Tolmai, meaning abounding in furrows.) Famous bearer: St Bartholomew was an apostle of Jesus Christ.)
Tolman (English - Collects taxes.)
Tolucan (Anglo-Saxon - Destroys.)
Tolya (Russian - From the east.)

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