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Subject: Re: IOLANTHE and VIOLA
Author: Mar   (Authenticated as X-Mar)
Date: August 10, 2006 at 8:40:56 AM
Reply to: IOLANTHE and VIOLA by Andy ;—)
what I found: ioeis: descibing a deep shade of blue (I can't translate it properly, because my Greek dictionary is Greek-Dutch, and I have trouble translating what it says into English), so that describes a colour. also: io-eidès: violet/dark-coloured.

and: io-blepharos is translated as: with violet coloured eyes (so the io part definately descibes the violet colour)

what my name book says on this name:
from Greek ion 'violet (the flower)' and anthos 'flower' or it's derived directly from Latin violante from viola 'violet (the flower)'

so maybe, it is form ion and not iolè...

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