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Gender Feminine
Usage Various
Pronounced Pron. ie-o-LAN-thee(English)
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Meaning & History

Probably a variant of YOLANDA influenced by the Greek words ιολη (iole) "violet" and ανθος (anthos) "flower". This name was (first?) used by Gilbert and Sullivan in their comic opera 'Iolanthe' (1882).
Other Languages & CulturesJolanda(Croatian) Jolana(Czech) Jolanda(Dutch) Yolanda, Yolonda(English) Yolande(French) Iolanda, Jolanda(Italian) Jolanta(Latvian) Jolanta(Lithuanian) Jolanta, Jola(Polish) Iolanda(Portuguese) Iolanda(Romanian) Jolana(Slovak) Jolanda(Slovene) Yolanda(Spanish)


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