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Subject: Re: Tom
Author: Miss Julia Keelan   (Authenticated as JiminyKrickit)
Date: October 11, 2006 at 9:43:20 AM
Reply to: Tom by 0SAPz1
See THOMAS. In the entry for TOM, it states that it's a short form of Thomas, then gives a little "cultural" info about it. Tom Sawyer is a famous literary character, and you will see many entries mentioning references to culture like that. Take the entry for JULIA. It references Shakespear.

It's some quick info about the name that might interest people. The info isn't meant to define the name Tom, merely to add to the description, by mentioning a time it was used. If you want to know the etymology, go to Thomas. Tom is just a short form derived from the first sound of Thomas, so it doesn't need much explanation. Why not throw on some extra info to make the entry more interesting?

Julia Keelan

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