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Subject: Meanings and origins of these Top 1000 names?
Author: Julia_Gabrielle   (Authenticated as Julia_Gabrielle)
Date: September 21, 2004 at 2:46:11 PM
I was browsing the Top 1000 list of 2003 and found some names I cannot find information about. I would really appreciate any help!

These are all girls' names:
Anaya, Aniya, and Aniyah - I know Anaya is a Spanish surname, but what does it mean, if it is related to the use of this name as a first name?
Brynn - I know the meaning for this, but is it etymologically related to names like Brianna and Bridget?
Dasia and Deasia - Is this just an elaboration of Asia?
Jaliyah - A creative spelling of Julia? A variant of Aaliyah?
Litzy - A creative spelling of Lindsey, or a different name entirely?

Also, I ran across Raghuvinderjeet on a Sikh baby names site. I know the suffix -jeet or -jit means victory, but I was wondering what the rest of the name would mean. Is this a unisex name, or just masculine? Thank you!

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