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Subject: Re: Draco's Congrats- Round 17
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 12:17:40 PM
Reply to: Draco's Congrats- Round 17 by Dracotorix
UN: Serel Channah

LN: Harkness
DH: Ianto Benedict Harkness
DW: Verity Aviva Harkness

DD: Phoebe Georgia [Harkness] Young
--DH: Otto Leonidas Young
--DD: Anthea Virginia [Young] Cassio
----DH: Junius Hamlet Cassio
----DS: Theodore Auguste Cassio
----DS: Gael Achille Cassio

--DS: Evander Gaius Young
----DW: Imogen Rosalind [Capulet] Young
--Pet: Lilo

DS: Victor Matteo Harkness (Emilio’s twin)
--DW: Zola Constanza [Morgan] Harkness
--DD: Rosamund Sparrow Harkness
--DD: Cora Callisto Harkness
--DS: Sirius Adriano Harkness

DS: Emilio Alessandro Harkness (Victor’s twin)
--DW: Zinnia Hazel [Edwards] Harkness
--DS: Gareth Raoul Harkness
--DD/DS/DD: Rebekah Sylvia / Oliver William / Emmeline Naomi
--DCat: Hecate

DS: Reed Oleander Harkness
--DW: Molly Gwendolen [O’Connor] Harkness
--DD: June Miriam Harkness
--DS: Ivan Vincent Harkness

DS: Lars Kasper Harkness
--DW: Elodia Nadia [Jimenez] Harkness
--DD: Norah Bethany Harkness
--ADD/ADS: Dorothy Miriam Harkness / Casper Thomas Harkness

DDog: Ulysses

Every green
Every blue
Every red, orange and ultramarine
I’ve seen
Would go indigo for you

- - - - -
BtN's Resident Time Lord

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