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Subject: Re: Draco's Congrats- Round 17 + note
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 2:35:03 PM
Reply to: Draco's Congrats- Round 17 by Dracotorix
Note: I've changed my username. Would it be possible to change my UN in the listing too, to avoid confusion? :)

UN: Alkahest

LN: Lightfoot
DW: Rosalind Athena (Weatherford) Lightfoot
DH: Jasper Dorian Lightfoot

DD: Zara Athénaïs (Lightfoot) Miller
--DH: Leonidas Otto Miller
--DD: Ivy Xanthe (Miller) Mortimer
----DH: Cornelius Mercutio Mortimer
----DD: Melisande Fleur Mortimer
----DS: Leandre Raphael Mortimer

--DS: Oscar Wolfgang Miller
----DW: Hermione Olivia (Lovell) Miller
--DCat: Sibyl

DD: Ignacia Beatrice (Lightfoot) Howell (Gabriel’s twin)
--DH: Malachi Ludovic Howell
--DD: Rosamund Desdemona Howell
--DS: August Octavian Howell
--DD: Pandora Dominique Howell

DS: Gabriel Antonio Lightfoot (Ignacia’s twin)
--DW: Zipporah Azalea (Phoenix) Lightfoot
--DS: Theron Athanasius Lightfoot
--DS/DD/DD: Winston Asa Lightfoot / Tisiphone Arabella Lightfoot / Saskia Alexandrine Lightfoot
--DDog: Echo

DD: Ivy Nymphaea (Lightfoot) Wren
--DH: Charlie Felix Wren
--DD: Violet Constance Wren
--DD: Carmen Lydia Wren

DD: Octavia Faustina Lightfoot
--DW: Josephine Zenobia (Kahler) Lightfoot
--DS: Ichabod Augustus Lightfoot
--DS/DS: Balthazar Matthias Lightfoot / Melchior Levi Lightfoot

DCat: Blue

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