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Subject: Re: NTNB Round 9
Author: ValerieK   (Authenticated as ValerieK)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 12:34:32 PM
Reply to: NTNB Round 9 by LadyJenna
The Rainer Family

DH: Tristan Alexander-Lee
DW: Keeley Diannah

DS: Cullen Lucas
DW: Caoimhe Líadan O'Byrne(Weirwood)
-DD: Cassandra Róisín "Cass"(Ninor)
-DS/DD/DS: Callum Lysander Ruarc(Millie),Connor Lucas Ronan and Caitlin Liana Roselle(**Hiddlestoner_26**)
-DD: Brogan-Enide Cressida

DD: Willow Alexa-Diana(miakendall1075)
DH: Rogan Chandler Waverley
-DS/DS: Ryder Tristan and Riley Thaddeus(Ninor)
-DD: Starling Artemis-Brynn(Weirwood)
-DS:: Jason Lee

DS/DS: Ayden Christopher and Cayden Frederick(ValerieK)
Ayden DW: Heather Lorriane Wilkes-Rainer
DD: Stephanie Addison(**Hiddlestoner_26**)
DD: Emily Callisto

Cayden DW: Willa Teresa Wilcox-Rainer
DS: Marcus Christopher-Tate(Weirwood)
DS: Channing Thade

DD: Rowan Darcy-Louisa (**Hiddlestoner_26**)
-Dbf:Sebastian Lucas Harman(Lalah)
DD: ?

DD/DS: Seraphina Meadow and Forrester Paxton(Weirwood)
DD: Tegan Helena-Sage(Weirwood)
DS: Liam Maximilian(Ninor)
ADS/DS: Idris Owain Perry and Celyn Steffan Perry(Weirwood)
DD/DD: Carys Rebecca-Alice / Esme Raquel-Anne

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