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Subject: NTNB Round 9
Author: LadyJenna   (Authenticated as LadyJenna)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 6:39:30 AM
The Rainer Family

DH: Tristan Alexander-Lee
DW: Keeley Diannah

DS: Cullen Lucas
DW: Caoimhe Líadan O'Byrne(Weirwood)
-DD: Cassandra Róisín "Cass"(Ninor)
-DS/DD/DS: Callum Lysander Ruarc(Millie),Connor Lucas Ronan and Caitlin Liana Roselle(**Hiddlestoner_26**)
-DD: ?

DD: Willow Alexa-Diana(miakendall1075)
DH: Rogan Chandler Waverley
-DS/DS: Ryder Tristan and Riley Thaddeus(Ninor)
-DD: Starling Artemis-Brynn(Weirwood)
-DS: : ?

DS/DS: Ayden Christopher and Cayden Frederick(ValerieK)
Ayden DW: Heather Lorriane Wilkes-Rainer
DD: Stephanie Addison(**Hiddlestoner_26**)
DD: ?

Cayden DW: Willa Teresa Wilcox-Rainer
DS: Marcus Christopher-Tate(Weirwood)
DS: ?

DD: Rowan Darcy-Louisa (**Hiddlestoner_26**)
-Dbf:Sebastian Lucas Harman(Lalah)
DD: ?

DD/DS: Seraphina Meadow and Forrester Paxton(Weirwood)
DD: Tegan Helena-Sage(Weirwood)
DS: Liam Maximilian(Ninor)
ADS/DS: Idris Owain Perry and Celyn Steffan Perry(Weirwood)
DD/DD: ?

Cullen is to be a father to another girl! Liadan wants her first name to be hyphenated with the first part to honor her grandfather in some way his names was Seamus Brogan McGreggor and the second part to be from Arthurian legend. Cullen wants the middle name to be from literature.

Willow is expecting another son and Rogan wishes the name be from the top 50 from the year 1977 in America. Willow wants his middle name to be eithe Allen, Lee or Orrin.

Ayden and Heather are having another girl this time Heather wants her daughter to have a first name that was popular and trendy from the year 1993. Ayden wants her middle name to be celestial in some way.

Cayden and Willa are having another son and they want his name to begin with the letter C like his dad and the middle name be Thade, Kade, Kai or Wade.

Although they seem like they are not able to have more kids Tristan and Keeley are welcoming home twin girls! They want twin like names that mean love and heart. with double midde names with the initials RA.

Think of Rowan and Sebastians daughter to be as a free choice and I will pick from your offerings.

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