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Member since   May 12, 2015
Real name MacKenna
Location United States
Birthday July 5, 2001
I'm a 15-year-old name enthusiast. I am an introverted, asexual agnostic atheist with ADHD and social anxiety.

Names with meanings that aren't secular aren't usable for me. There's not anything necessarily wrong with them, but I don't like names with meanings that don't pertain to me. Biblical names in general are fine, as long as they have secular definitions. The only exception is Isobel, which I love, despite its meaning.

I love musicals, hence my Newsies profile picture. So far I have seen 31 shows on/off Broadway, with two more in the near future!

Some name trends I am guilty of: Boys' names on girls (Dylan), surnames for first names (Ainslie), boys' names ending in -ayden (Jayden).

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