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Member since   August 9, 2005
Real name Sirius Lee Black (Lunar Eclipse, Angel Hendrix, or Angel xx)
Location Probby off snogging Prong's wall...
Birthday May 28, 1992
Hullo, mates! I'm Sirius... Prongs wrote a song about me once, meant to be sung from my point of view. It goes like 'I am the Almighty Sirius Lee Black, but don't judge me by my name.I'm really not that sane. I'm handsome and smart and a real, real man. I am the best in the land!' Oh, aren't his songwriting skills awersome? (WOTCHER GUYS! It's Angel here... or Lunar Eclispe. I use this site in my writing and Harry Potter theorizing. For a taste of what my writing's like, head on over to I'm Angel xx.)