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GenderMasculine & Feminine
ScriptsАнгел BulgarianMacedonian
PronouncedPron.AYN-jəl English

Meaning & History

From the medieval Latin masculine name Angelus which was derived from the name of the heavenly creature (itself derived from the Greek word αγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger"). It has never been very common in the English-speaking world, where it is sometimes used as a feminine name in modern times.
DiminutiveAngjelko Macedonian
Feminine FormsAngela, Angelia, Angelica, Anjelica, Angelle English Angela Macedonian
Other Languages & CulturesDeangelo African American Aingeru Basque Àngel Catalan Anđelko, Anđelo Croatian Anděl Czech Anxo Galician Engel German Angelos Greek Angelo, Angelino, Angiolo, Giotto Italian Angelus Late Roman Anghel Romanian Ànghelu Sardinian Anđelko Serbian Ángel, Angelino Spanish
Same SpellingÁngel, Àngel


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