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ScriptsАнгела RussianMacedonian
PronouncedPron.AN-jəl-ə English
ANG-je-la Italian
ANG-ge-la German
AN-gyi-lə Russian

Meaning & History

Feminine form of Angelus (see ANGEL). As an English name, it came into use in the 18th century.
VariantsAngelia English Anzhela Russian
DiminutivesAngie English Angelina, Lina Italian Angelien Dutch Anzhelina Russian
Masculine FormsAngel English Angelo, Angiolo Italian Anghel Romanian Angel Macedonian Angelus Late Roman
Other Languages & CulturesAnđela, Anđelka, Anđa Croatian Anděla, Angelika Czech Angèle, Angélique, Angeline French Angeliki, Angelina, Kiki Greek Angéla, Angyalka Hungarian Aingeal Irish Angelica Literature Angelika, Aniela, Andżelika, Angelina, Anielka Polish Ângela, Angélica Portuguese Ànghela Sardinian Anđela, Anđelka, Andjela, Anđa Serbian Ángela, Angélica, Angelina, Angelita, Lina Spanish
Same SpellingÁngela, Ângela, Angéla
User SubmissionÀngela


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