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Location cupertino, california.
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i'd like to call myself a writer, but i suppose i might then be lying. perhaps it is no more a desire to be one that leads me to try. i use behindthename mainly because i adore onomastics and partially for my writing characters' names. i tend to forget to log in, so my name list is probably quite sparse and nowhere as comprehensive as it ought to be. the majority of my comments are churned out anonymously for this reason. i believe in "truenames", names that go below the given name one's parents have given them. a name that is wholly, almost spiritually, belonging to its owner. i do not yet know mine; this is why the "real name" field is empty on this profile. but i go by sage and jarku, among other usenames. responding becomes instinctive after a while, and myriad vowel sounds compose them, hence my compulsion to whirl around at any noise. and that is all to tell about me, unless i decide to share more. ...i enjoy random banter with strangers if you do. :3


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