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Compared to the ultimate nerdiness of "Arnold", this name is great.
lunalovegood  3/25/2007
Antti Aarne (1867-1925), Finnish folklorist
Aarne Arvonen (born 1897), oldest living person in Finland
Aarne Ervi (1910-1977), one of the most important architects of Finland's post-WWII reconstruction period
Aarne Haapakoski (1904-1961), Finnish pulp writer
Aarne Honkavaara (born 1924), former Finnish ice hockey player and coach
Aarne Juutilainen (1904-1976), Finnish army captain
Aarne Lakomaa (1914-2001), Finnish aircraft designer
Aarne Ruben (born 1971), Estonian writer
Aarne Valkama, Finnish Nordic combined skier
linaki3  7/3/2007
Pronounced AAHR-neh.
Yippal  7/30/2009

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