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A friend of Colonel E. R. Bradley bore this name (Colonel Bradley was an extremely prominent Thoroughbred owner and breeder near the beginning of the 1900's through the 20's). He named one of his greatest horses after this friend, dropping the 'A' to stay in keeping with his tradition of naming his horses 'B' names. Bimelech was one of the horse-racing greats.
― Anonymous User  4/8/2008
I definitely don't like this name! Besides being the name of the king who took Abraham's wife, it is also the name of another biblical king, one who after the death of his father decided to kill his 70 brothers to be the new king! I hate the reference and how it sounds! Too bad my nephew has this name, I feel so sorry for him.
Jeidy_mn  1/29/2008
Abey, Abi, Bimel, Leci (pronounced Leck-E), Abim, Mele, Mel, Melech, or Lech (pronounced Leck)
spaz123  9/17/2007
I don't suggest anybody use this name -- teachers will look at the kid oddly and what about substitutes?
lunalovegood  3/25/2007

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