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I love the name Adolf, but of course there's the horrible Hitler association. This is a nice alternative.
Liesl  11/24/2010
This is a lovely alternative to the tainted Adolf, if you want to name your child after a grandfather or some other older relative who was born before the name had such an evil association.
Anyechka  4/24/2016
A noble old Germanic pagan name, such Germanic names such as Adalwolf, Siegfried, Eric, Ulrich, Wolfgang, Frederick, Ludwig, Ingrid, Åsa... Are amazing and ancient names and a great choice for people of European ethnic/cultural stock to revive the native old European culture (mostly pre-christianity). It is an older and more charming version of the more modern and common name, which I far prefer over the more simplicized Adolf, the legendary German popular hero Adolf Hitler was a bearer of this great name.
QueenOfThoughts  11/15/2017
I love this name, and I don't think it or its shortened form Adolf deserve to go out of use just because of one man. People can be silly sometimes.
arthur14357  11/18/2017

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