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Meaning & History

Old English cognate of Adalbert (see ALBERT). This was the name of a Saxon king of England and two kings of Kent, one of whom was a saint. It became unused after the Normans introduced their form of Adalbert after their invasion.
Other Languages & CulturesAdalbert, Albert, Albertus, Adalberht Ancient Germanic Albert Catalan Albert Danish Adelbert, Albert, Albertus, Abe, Bert, Brecht, Elbert Dutch Albert, Ethelbert, Al, Bert, Bertie, Delbert English Alpertti, Altti, Pertti Finnish Albert, Aubert French Abbe, Abe Frisian Alberte Galician Adalbert, Adelbert, Albert, Albrecht, Bert German Albert Hungarian Albert Icelandic Adalberto, Alberto, Berto Italian Albaer, Baer, Bèr Limburgish Albertas Lithuanian Albert Norwegian Adalbert, Albert Polish Adalberto, Alberto Portuguese Albert Romanian Albert Russian Adalberto, Alberto, Berto Spanish Albert Swedish

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