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A more modern name is Audrey. ÆÐELÞRYÐ is not very common, as you can imagine, in the U.S.A.
avalah  6/28/2006
Pronounced something like "ETH-el-thruhth". I know at least twelve people with this name.

Just kidding!
gaelruadh19  1/29/2007
I never knew that such a strange name could be spelled with numbers! Are those numbers?
Taydbug112  2/16/2007
They're not numbers, they're the Old English letters Ash "Æ", Eth "Ð" and Thorn "Þ".
― Anonymous User  4/13/2007
I don't know how this is pronounced but I would never name my child this because of the Old English letters. :(
zippity bubble  6/23/2009
I'm not really sure, but I'm fairly certain that along with Audrey, the name Ethel was also derived from this Old English name. :)
walesgal92  12/6/2009
I love the name and am considering using it, but of course the Old English letters are a hindrance! It can be spelt as Aethelthryth/Aethelthrith or Ethelthryth/Ethelthrith, though. I love the nicknames Ethel and Effie, too. :]
silenthistories  7/11/2010
Pronounced "AYDH-uhl-threedh," with the 'dh' diphthong being like the 'th' in "that."
erb816  8/10/2012
It's spelled Æðelðryd in Bede's 731 "A History of the English Church and People."
arrowhead909  4/17/2017

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