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Pronounced ah-fir-DEE-tuh.
erb816  5/11/2009
Afërdita Dreshaj, is an Albanian-Kosovar public figure best known for being crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2011 and representing the Republic of Kosovo in Miss Universe 2011. Dreshaj is a well-known singer in Albanian speaking countries, having debuted with her first single "Nëse Je Burrë" in 2009.
lilolaf  4/6/2016
This name is a compound of the words afër “nearby, close” and ditë “day”, hence afërditë “near to the day; dawn, daybreak” or, perhaps originally, “[planet] Venus, the morning star”. The latter interpretation, and the name’s similarity in form to Aphrodite, likely prompted the folk etymology of Afërdita being a form of Aphrodite. In fact, it’s thought likely that the two names are unconnected by true etymology.

Source: Wiktionary. [noted -ed]
Randee15  9/7/2016

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