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It is strange that this name means beauty when it sounds like the word uglier.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2006
Aglaia is a genus of more than 100 species belonging to the Mahogany family.
LMS  7/31/2007
Also used in Romania. Just google "Aglaia" - Romanian pages.
Edgar81  1/7/2008
I'm not a fan of Aglaia, to be honest. It sounds like a snobby prep saying 'Ugly' to me. However, it's rather cute when a small child says it.
CutieCupcake  8/17/2008
I once stayed in an apartment complex in Greece called Aglaia. :/
vindemiatrix  8/28/2008
Aglaia Mortcheva is an artist, animator, character designer, and voice actress. She worked on shows like 'Rugrats', 'South Park', 'All Grown Up', and 'Making Fiends'.
Kerules  5/25/2009
This is occasionally used as a given name in Germany along with the variant Aglaja. Both of them would be pronounced ah-GLAH-yah. A famous bearer is German actress Aglaja Brix.
JHK  7/29/2009
I think this is a lovely name, and it has a nice meaning.
bananarama  12/23/2010
According to this website on Greek names:

The name Aglaia is pronounced A-gla-eeah, which I would write as ə-GLAH-ee-ə.
la-petite-rachel  4/17/2013

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