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I was told that the name AGNÈS is pronounced more like "an-YE" than "ag-NESS", although I'm not sure if that's correct. If it is, then AGNÈS sounds much prettier than AGNES (which is a cool name in my opinion, but a bit clumsy-sounding).
― Anonymous User  8/8/2006
Considering that this is French, it should be pronounced more like "ahn-YE".
gaelruadh19  1/14/2007
I thought the French pronunciation of Agnes was "on-yay".
― Anonymous User  3/8/2007
I'm French and I know several "Agnès": the French pronunciation is indeed an-YES or a-NYES.
Marie-Amelie  6/26/2008
I speak French and my mother's name is Marie-Agnes and Marie-Amelie is correct about the pronunciation.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009

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