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There is no set list of Japanese names, and many different kanji with many different meanings can have the same pronunciation. "Ai", for example, can mean "Asia clothes", with "a" meaning Asia, and "i" meaning clothes. This is not particularly common, though.
-- elvenscout742  12/24/2004
One of my students at my school where I taught had the name Ai even though she used the kanji for "grace", which is usually pronounced "megu" or "megumi" on its own and "e" (ay) in names with other kanji present. This would be rather rare though.

Some other Japanese names with Ai in them:

The character for "ai" is pronounced "a" in some names and there are many names where this is used.
-- abbasdaughter  12/25/2005
Three Famous People that bear the name Ai are:
Kago Ai, Hello! Project Member, Former Member of Morning Musume
Takahashi Ai, Hello! Project Member, Current member of Morning Musume
Otsuka Ai, a popular pop singer from Japan.
-- ketsuekitsubasa  11/8/2006
Ai Fukuhara, professional ping pong player
Ai Miyazato, golf pro
Ai Sugiyama, professional tennis player
Ai Shibata, professional swimmer

AI (singer), (born 1981), hip hop singer
Ai Kago, (born 1988), pop singer
Ai Kawashima, pop singer and songwriter
Ai Otsuka, (born 1982), pop singer
Ai Takahashi, (born 1986), pop singer

Voice actresses
Ai Bando, voice actress
Ai Nonaka, voice actress
Ai Orikasa, voice actress
Ai Maeda (seiyu), voice actress
Ai Shimizu, voice actress

Ai Iijima, media personality
Ai Kato, actress and model
Ai Maeda (actress), model and actress
Ai Morinaga, cartoonist
Ai Tominaga, model and actress
Ai Yazawa, cartoonist.
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2007
Ai is the youngest of the half-demon children in Inuyasha Movie 4.
-- egyptianpanda  5/21/2008
What person wouldn't want to name their daughter after love?
-- Katsuno_Hitomi  12/22/2009
Ai Kaga is the name of the girl who blames everything on herself in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
-- egyptianpanda  1/2/2010
Awwww. What a cute name!
-- coolcatevan9  2/28/2010
The meaning of the name Ai is gorgeous but other than that you're better off naming your kid Aiko or not use this name at all because it sound like 'I' and it's like using the name love in America. It's just unprofessional and seem hipish.
-- 555jazzy  10/6/2012
Though perhaps not so famous, Ai Haibara (alias Shiho Miyano) from Detective Conan has the kanji 哀 for her name. It means "sorrow," and she picked the name for her shrunken form because of her sorrowful past (all of her family members are dead).
-- princesssara  10/23/2014
Ai, using the kanji 愛, is in 9th place out of 1000 in 2014 while the one with 藍 is in 127th place. So, the one with 愛 is really popular now and has been for the last 35-40 years.

Popularity sources: and
-- m4yb3_daijirou  1/16/2015
Ai is the Japanese young clone that met mewtwo and explained the world to him. I believe she may or may not come back in the future, I think she should.
-- amber2stars  8/30/2015
Ai Kayano is a Japanese voice actress and singer from Tokyo. She was formerly affiliated with the Pro-Fit talent agency, but is now represented by Office Osawa.
-- lilolaf  1/15/2017

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