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Be careful with this name. I've heard this name used as an insult. Calling someone a 'Love Child' isn't exactly polite. If you choose this name for your daughter, make sure you use 'Child of Love' when giving definitions.
-- LadyKnightAmy  7/7/2005
This name, though it literaly means 'love child', is meant to mean 'child who will be loved'.
-- Tanukifan  10/12/2005
Aiko does not mean 'child who will be loved'. It simply means 'love child' because of the kanjis used in the name.
-- nadiaxox  12/20/2007
This is the name of Princess Aiko of Japan (Formal title: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Toshi).
-- websurfer  4/15/2006
The pronunciation is "Eye-Koh". Although the true meaning of the name is "love child" I thought I might let you know some the the other things it means:
-Iced Coffee (Not exactly sure about this one)
-A favour
-A tie (of a game)
-- Naoko56  9/22/2006
My dog's name is Aiko and she is, indeed, a very loved "child!"

We named her Aiko as a wordplay on the old Cajun song Iko Iko and the Japanese name for girls. We get a lot of people who actually catch the song and start singing it!
-- ecshell  4/23/2007
Actually, the meaning is not "love child" as in the slang term for a child born out of wedlock but as in "beloved child."
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2007
Aiko Kayo - Japanese pop singer
Aiko Nakamura - Japanese professional tennis player
Aiko (Aiko Yanai) - Japanese pop singer-songwriter.
-- LMS  8/5/2007
Aiko is also a male given name in Scandinavia and especially northern Germany. It is a variation of the name Ekke or Eike.
-- Anonymous User  8/5/2007
It's pronounced ah-ee-ko, a-i-ko.
-- sabrinafaye  8/6/2007
I would pronounce it 'Eye-ko', but other people might pronounce it 'Eye-ee-ko'. Either way, I don't think it matters and it is my favourite Japanese name.
-- rhiannon4  8/10/2007
I went to school with a girl called Masami who very recently had a daughter called Aiko. They had some difficulty choosing what to name their daughter and finally decided on Aiko, with the kanji for 'good-looking, quiet' and 'daughter, girl' [like in this link - I don't know if the link will show up or if it will even work, but it's worth a go.] As far as I know, it's an uncommon kanji choice and I can't say I like it - it's pretty and unusual, but the meaning just seems a bit old fashioned, to me.
-- Anonymous User  6/24/2008
The name Aiiko was given to me by my father who was in the Navy in Japan. He found the name in a baby name book and it was spelled Aiiko pronounced Ah/ee/co. It means "Child of Love. Diana Ross made a song called Love Child, it was about an unwanted child. I don't find my name spelled with two I's anywhere. I've been told that it is an African name as well. I don't think it is.
-- heiress  10/1/2008
This is a very pretty name. If I ever have a little girl I might name her this. "Love child" is a great meaning for a name for a girl.
-- zippity bubble  5/4/2009
At first I thought this name meant "love child", but I did a little more research and found out it means "beloved child". What a beautiful meaning!
-- Mocha444  12/26/2011
Jhene Aiko is an American singer/songwriter. Her birth name is Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo and she is of Japanese and African-American descent.
-- bibi66  9/21/2013

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