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My name is Aileen (pronounced Ay-leen). I always hated it as a child because people couldn't say it but it's somewhat grown on me over the years. Even now though, I am surprised when someone pronounces it properly! I've only ever met 2 people in person with my name so I reckon I would find it weird calling someone by my name which has also been spelled many ways before including Alien, Alieen and quite recently Aisleen!
Leenie  1/21/2017
I have never met anyone else with my pronunciation: 'Ay-leen' and often get called Eileen. I'm surprised by those who say the opposite.
AileenH  9/6/2014
My name's Edna Aileen Martínez Soto. I've always gone by Aileen because Edna has always reminded me of an old lady with a lot of cats. I'm Latina and my family has always pronounced the name as AH-ee-leen, with emphasis on the "leen". I despise it when people butcher my name in English; it's not Eileen, it's not eye-leen. It's AH-ee-leen.
cadaveres  3/28/2014
My name is Ailene and my mother pronounced it "eye-LEEN." I have heard of people with the name spelled the same as mine, but instead it is pronounced "ay-LEEN." I have had a few people look at my name and mistakenly call me "alien."
― Anonymous User  8/21/2007
The correct pronunciation is a matter of opinion. But my mother pronounces hers eye-leen with emphasis on the last syllable. Ay-leen grates on her nerves. Besides, traditional European pronunciation of the letter "a" gives it a longer "ahh" sound. So her pronunciation is likely to be more correct than the harsher, later, Americanized version.
celtacia  7/8/2006
My name is (obviously) Aileen and there are actually two pronunciations of the name. Believe me, I would know. It is unbelievable how many people mispronounce it. It can be pronounced with a long "A" (Aileen) or, as in my case, the same way as Eileen. This way has a long "I" (Iileen).
aileenbean  2/25/2006

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