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One word: GORGEOUS!
-- Anonymous User  1/5/2007
Often Anglicised as Ailish.
-- Elly747  1/14/2007
I know a girl named Ailis who spells her name with the accent mark over the "s". She pronounces it Ay-lish. I love this name.
-- TayLeigh127  3/7/2008
I know a girl who has this name, but she spells it Eilish. I like this spelling better.
-- katis  9/28/2008
It sounds a little incomplete to me, like there should be another syllable - I can't really say why. I like the way it looks better than the actual pronunciation.
-- padfoot443  1/5/2009
Ailis is a beautiful name. It reminds me of sky and clouds, and it's a much better variant, in my opinion, than common Alice.
-- XxproudrulerxX  11/28/2009
I love this name. It's a very unique but acceptable take on the name Alice.
-- IrishKisses  9/11/2010
-- LMS  5/16/2016

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