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I love this name even though I don’t think I’ll use it. Cute, colorful, spunky, sounds absolutely lovely and has a wonderful meaning.
kissemissenmin  11/19/2019
I love how this name looks. Never met an Aisha because the name is not used in my country, but wow! It's so pretty. To me Aisha sounds like a beautiful girl with dark hair that is intelligent and ambitious.
― Anonymous User  10/8/2019
Not my top pick but it’s still a super pretty name.
nylonpanda  9/28/2019
Aisha is very well in the same boat as 'Sofia': a name that is fairly beautiful, but shows up in literature so much that it becomes mildly infuriating, especially when the character does not match the name (Active, perhaps impulsive).
galasy4969  9/5/2019
Aisha (real name Aija Andreeva) is a Latvian-Russian singer who represented Latvia in 2010 Eurovision with the song "What For? (Only Mr. God Knows)". She did not qualify for the semi final.
thezenithofnadir  4/22/2019
I remember on Neopets there was a catlike pet called Aisha. It sounded really pretty and I've loved it since.
TheNameEvent  4/2/2019
Aisha is the name of a nurse that takes care of Amir in The Kiterunner.
kayisforkeen  10/14/2018
Lovely name. I love the meaning, alive.
kayisforkeen  8/26/2018
Aisha Tyler is an American talk show host, actress, comedian, author, producer, writer, and director. She is known for portraying Andrea Marino in the first season of Ghost Whisperer, voicing Lana Kane in Archer, portraying Dr. Tara Lewis in Criminal Minds where she replaced Jennifer Love Hewitt and portraying Mother Nature in the Santa Clause film series, as well as recurring roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Talk Soup and Friends. She is a co-host of CBS's The Talk, and the current host of Whose Line is it Anyway?, and has hosted the Ubisoft E3 press conferences for the past five years, and has also made various video game appearances including Halo: Reach and Ubisoft's Watch Dogs where her voice and likeness are featured.
cutenose  4/13/2017
I find it a very pretty name, though it's not a favorite. It sounds a bit too youthful for me, a bit too much like a child's name, and less like a grown woman's name. Other than this, I find it lovely.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/31/2016
I like the name. I know someone who spell it Ahyshia (Iesha).
ahyshia  4/4/2016
A variant of this name is Aiysha.
― Anonymous User  10/6/2015
It can be pronounced as either "Eye-shə" or "i-EE-shə" as both pronunciations are valid/authentic in Arabic.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2015
Aisha Campbell was the second Yellow Ranger in the TV series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
PinkJazzX  3/23/2015
The only person I've met with this name pronounces it like Asia.
Ranchie  1/2/2013
A beautiful Arabic name. The only other spelling variant that's nice is 'Ayesha' but the other spellings Iesha, Ieesha, Iyeesha & Iyesha (which are primarily used by African Americans) are horrendous and bastardizes the beauty and elegance of the way "Aisha" looks.

It sure as hell isn't pronounced 'Asia', so that person is saying it completely wrong (which is a pretty odd, dumb thing to do).
― Anonymous User  7/5/2014
That sounded quite uncalled for. There was no need for making such a generalization, nor saying something that comes across as being so rude. :(

Anyways, the name Aisha is a heavenly Arabian classic. I've only heard of it pronounced "eye-EE-sha" and "AY-sha" but I'm unsure of the original, authentic pronunciation.
― Anonymous User  7/22/2014
I wasn't being "rude" and I wasn't "generalizing" as what I said is not made-up rubbish. If you thought I was having a go at the user Ranchie I wasn't. I just didn't want people to read false information about the way the Arabic name Aisha is pronounced. Also, I wasn't saying all black Americans do this (I have to correct myself by adding to my previous statement that also some British black people do this too) nor was I stating as a fact it's done by the majority of the whole black population, but out of whites, Asians (south and east), Arabs etc. This ugly spelling practice of the name Aisha is done mostly by black people. Seems the truth hurts to you. It's just an observation. No need to be upset. People are so easily offended these days. Anyway, what I think of the other spellings of this name is just my opinion which I'm entitled to have.

Disliking some spellings of names is not "racism". Would you call a person racist if they said they don't like the spellings Ullizuhbuth for Elizabeth, Emuleigh for Emily, Cymberleigh for Kimberly, Tiphannie for Tiffany, Mykynzy for Mackenzie, Jakksyn for Jackson, Raiyyon for Ryan, Khristuffurr for Christopher, Leeyum for Liam? I think not, even though it's the same thing. No one ever calls people's negative opinions over horribly spelled western names by that term.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2015
If you single out certain variants as being used almost solely by a particular race, and THEN write that those variants "bastardize the beauty and elegance of the [original transliteration]," then you are explicitly insulting those races'/cultures' particular usage of the name, not the variants themselves.

That is boldfaced racism.

If it hurts you to be called racist, then you need to examine your worldviews.
erb816  9/28/2015
I've also seen it spelled A'ishah.
SamJr7  1/9/2012
I love this name. I hate the spelling Iesha because it looks like it should be pronounced EE-shuh. Aisha (or the original spelling 'Aisha) is great. I pronounce it I-shuh.
enchy  9/17/2009

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