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Aladdin is the main character of the animated Disney movie "Aladdin", which I assume is based on the story.
Aqua  1/2/2006
Aladdin was a Chinese boy. Then he become Arabian.
honungspinglan  1/7/2007
I think this is a nice name but is too closely associated with the movies.
crazykls  10/28/2007
'Aladdin Sane' is a 1973 album by David Bowie, whose cover is an iconic image of the musician.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  1/7/2008
I love the name Aladdin but too many people know about the fairytale and the movie.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
Pronounced ah-lahd-DEEN in Arabic.
― Anonymous User  11/29/2010
I made the female version of the name: Aladne (Alla-d-ney).
― Anonymous User  8/17/2015

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