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This can also be a form of Aleine (a-LANE), borne in Arthurian legend by Sir Gawain's niece. In this context it would be a form of Helen.
Elly747  2/22/2005
Honestly, I think this is one of the prettiest names in the world. I also think a lot more people should know about this name. I think many, including myself, would prefere this spelling over Elena, Elayna, or Alaina.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2006
Alayna is a beautiful, elegant name. I really like this spelling the best.
― Anonymous User  9/6/2006
My sister's name is Alayna and she seems to like her name a lot. I happen to think it is a beautiful name myself.
puppydoglover  9/28/2006
My parents heard the name in the mid 1960's - a radio dj in New York City was talking about a girl who wrote a letter to the Beatle's asking them to write a song for her. The song, originally called A Letter From Alayna, is now known as And I Love Her.
Alayna V  3/23/2007
The origin of the name is originally Irish and has many meanings: "beautiful, fair, peaceful, offering, and precious". Other variations of the name are: Alaynah, Alleynah, and Alleyna. This is by far my most favorite female name.
Dravinus  10/17/2007
It's Irish, meaning: "fair", "beautiful", "precious", and "beautiful maiden".
Dravinus  1/16/2008
I like the name ALAINA, but it spelled like this isn't like necessary. I think it is a stupid that people like this spelling over ALAINA. Just my opinion.
sddorme  7/26/2009
I LOVE this name! It's extremely gorgeous, one of my favorites. I've also seen it spelled Alaynha, though I don't know where the 'h' came from.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2009
This name sounds too little girlish, but I know 2 Alaynas - Alayna Grace and Alayna Rae - and they're just crazy!
Megan1125  11/27/2010
It is also a related form of the name "Hannah" Hebrew: means "God has been gracious: or God has shown favor". My daughter's name is Alayna, and it suits her beautifully. She is the only Alayna I know, and, yes she is definitely one of a kind!
bambie_k  3/29/2011
Here we go again with the tacky\trashy "y" spelling.
Spell the name as Alaina, Elaina or Elena or don't use the name at all.
"Alayna" doesn't look right. Looks like someone can't spell the name and just took a guess at it.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2014
My name is Alayna and it is spelled with a "y." I don't think it is trashy at all. A mother can name her child whatever she wants. I think the y spelling variation of the name is the best.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2016
I'm going to be biased because this is my name, but I feel that:

"UH-LAY-NUH" can be spelled like: Alayna or Alaina. ( I don't like the I spelling for obvious reasons)

Elena to me is " Ellen-a" or "EL-len-a" (because since when do e's make a short or long a sound?)
Elaina is literally "EE-lay-nuh)
And Alana is "uh-la-nuh"

I feel like the y is not slient, nor should it ever be silent. Yet somehow, people call me Alana. As if the y is not there. I don't understand how anyone could see that.

Furthermore, after searching for the meaning of this name for years, I've come to the conclusion that it is just an English-speaking name overall. I've been primarily told it's English.
astutefruit  7/3/2016
My name is Alayna and I hate its meaning. It doesn't fit me at all.
xXKrystalWolfXx  8/17/2016
This name is gorgeous, and spell it the right way!: ALAYNA.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2017
This is my name and I love it. I get compliments whenever I meet new people. Yes, it gets mispronounced more often than not but after correcting the speaker they enjoy the correct pronunciation.
Like previously mentioned this spelling makes sense because it is pronounced "uh-lay-nuh". Far from trashy, just the opposite.
I love my name and am considering having a daughter by the same.
If you're looking for baby girl names- look no further!
AlaynaP  10/8/2017
My name's Alayna I'm 12 and I personally love it. It's a very pretty name but sometimes I get called Alana or some kids at school call me Elena of Avalor.
alayna_awesome  11/2/2017
My name's Alayna. The meaning doesn't fit me at all :(
alayna_awesome  11/3/2017

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